Fire Rated Doors & Frames

As most people know, safety and property protection are critical these days. That’s why ARM offers repair as well as installation of fire-rated doors and frames to clients. Our skilled technicians are trained to properly fix and add fire doors so that people in your building can exit safely while limiting the spread of smoke and fire.

Reasons to have ARM install fire doors:

  • Allow for safe exiting in the event of a fire
  •  Prevent fire from spreading to different areas of your building
  •  Fire doors can be used as a regular exit when needed
  •  Protect your property, employees and visitors from smoke
  • Offering expertly-crafted doors that are tested for safety

I’m sure you know that when lives and property are at risk, the fire rated doors and frames used in your building must meet high standards. That’s why our doors and frames have been tested in accordance with UL10B and UL10C. They are listed by Underwriters Laboratories and Warnock Hersey, and available with the labels usually required for your building to be up to code. This means that what we install not only meets building needs, but that you get peace of mind from knowing that you’re creating a safer work environment.

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